Segments of rural tourism in the Maleshevo region in the Republic of Macedonia

Kitanov, Vladimir (2018) Segments of rural tourism in the Maleshevo region in the Republic of Macedonia. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific and Applicative Papers, 22.2. pp. 605-609. ISSN 1857-923X


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In the last few years, the importance of rural development has been intensively emphasized and the development of rural tourism, which, as the most recognizable form of tourist services, due to its complexity of services, provides an opportunity for development of rural areas. The development of rural tourism does not require anything special, but a revitalization of the already existing, which gives a new purpose, a new dimension, and that is the touristic. The revitalization of rural areas, in terms of sustainability of the overall development, is a necessary process of preserving the rural areas as primary production areas of food and other goods, specific areas with emphasized natural, traditional, cultural and historical elements, oases of green areas and ecological balance, and finally - as areas of peace and rest of the dynamic and stressful city life. At a time when there is much talk, writes, discusses the upper boundary of the construction of objects that will be intended for tourism, when creating very strong pressure on the space due to the construction of new facilities, rural tourism in a completely different way tries to unite and organize the space. Rural tourism does not need to build new capacities, on the contrary, it faces challenges AS how to use the existing structures in the best and the most quality way. Keywords: rural tourism, development, segments, natural wealth.

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