Alveolar ridge preservation using platelet rich fibrin and bone graft

Evrosimovska, Biljana and Veleska-Stefkovska, Daniela and Dimova, Cena (2018) Alveolar ridge preservation using platelet rich fibrin and bone graft. In: The teacher of the future - Seventeenth International Scientific Conference , 23-27 May 2018, Budva, Montenegro.

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Abstract: The rich source of autogenous growth factors from platelet rich fibrin (PRF), which is the second generation of platelet concentrate, is considered to promote bone tissue regeneration. Unlike the other platelet concentrates, PRF was defined as an autologous leukocyte and PRF biomaterial, because in this method, platelets and leukocytes are collected with high efficiency such that the growth factors will able to release gradually during at least 1 week. The aim of this study was to present the clinical results from alveolar ridge preservation using PRF and bone graft. In this study, we reported patient who received PRF as a grafting material together with bone substitute (Bio-Oss) for preserving the alveolar ridge dimension for further prosthetic restoration. The PRF protocol was very simple: A blood sample was taken without anticoagulant in 10 mL tubes which were immediately centrifuged at 3000 rpm for 10 minutes. Prepared “sticky bone” (mixing the bone graft material with A-PRF cut on pieces) was applied in surgical wound and unsighted with PRF membrane. A neovascularization forms through the PRF clot and the epithelial covering developed. Rapid healing of the wound was observed without pain, dryness, or purulent complications. The success of this technique depends entirely on the time gap from blood collection to its transfer for centrifugation, and immediate centrifugation before initiation of the clotting cascade is absolutely essential. The clinical experience confirms that PRF can be considered as a healing biomaterial. Keywords: alveolar rich preservation, platelet rich fibrin, bone graft

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Date Deposited: 01 Jun 2018 07:55
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