Diseases in school children resulting from improper diet

Panova, Gordana and Sumanov, Gorgi (2017) Diseases in school children resulting from improper diet. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific Papers, 20 (20.4). pp. 537-542. ISSN 2545-4439


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Correct growth and development among schoolchildren almost entirely depends on the proper nutrition and dietary habits of the child. The dynamics of growth and development and the peculiarities of the biological structure of the child's organism place its diet at a central place. Target: A healthy and balanced diet means the use of biologically valuable food products that can meet energy needs and provide a qualitative and quantitative input of important nutrients, ensuring harmonious growth and development of children and protection against diseases. Materials and methods: epidemiological descriptive method, and a survey conducted on 200 students in elementary schools and state student dormitory in Stip. Results and discussion: obesity, reduced vision and deformities of the spine and flat feet are the most common deformities and problems that arise from poor fast diet, insufficient physical activity and poor posture. Heart and speech defects are almost gone at a later age. Hemoglobin and albumin are quite relative as chest deformities and caries have an increase in age from 12-14 years. Conclusion: Improper nutrition contributes to the development of countless diseases.

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