Through description and narration to mentality (Textual processes in the short story “The Iron Nurse” by Nemika Tuğcu)

Karanikolova-Cocorovska, Lusi (2017) Through description and narration to mentality (Textual processes in the short story “The Iron Nurse” by Nemika Tuğcu). Hikmet, Journal of Scientific Reasearch. ISSN 1857-5935

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The approach to the novel “The iron sister” by Nemica Tugcy is here made based on its availability, to what it “comprises”, or according to most impressive and most recognizable textual processes within. Namely, it offers several imposing descriptions, high dose of concentrated semantics, two exceptionally functional details, that have legitimate ability to metastasize in plot and interesting time plan of the events, t.e. narration, which one time is in present and other time turns into perfect. This time, we allow ourselves to put such typical narratological and descriptive features of the story in addition to recognizing the mentality as cultural category. The novel is a representation of the female mentality of the cover heroine, whose personal name is not accidentally absent. It is descriptively named - as "the iron sister." Having such defined interest, this special approach interest is supposed to demonstrate (and needs not prove) that it is quite legitimate and real the possibility to reach mentality through textual processes. Namely because here it is not just an attempt to present the female mentality which is customary for every one ordinary or average woman. Here it comes to display the mentality of the woman whose fate and behavior are determined by the life circumstances, she has been turned into accidentally or deliberately, as much as by her primary family (= good manners). In this sense, the experienced reader at first reading of this short story will notice the description, "metastatic" detail plan and temporal plan of narration very much contribute to debunking one, in many ways specific feminine nature. Keywords: description, detail, „metastatic“ detail, narration, mentality, feminine mentality, mentality of „the iron sister“.

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