The personality profile of terrorist leaders: theoretical aspects and ways of measuring

Dimitrovska, Aleksandra and Dojcinovski, Metodija (2015) The personality profile of terrorist leaders: theoretical aspects and ways of measuring. Reserching security: Approaches, Concepts and Policies, 5.

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The main task of the psychology of terrorism is to explain the psychological aspects of terrorism, trying to provide answers about the behavior of the persons involved in terrorist activities. The literature suggests that there is no a single theory that explains the reasons and the way of "making the terrorists." While the first generation of research have viewed on terrorism as a pathology, explaining it predominantly through mental illness and psychopathic personality, the second generation is based on a behavioral approach that sets operationalization as a precondition for existing of scientific research. It achieved agreement for the inability of separation of the psychological factors from the others, especially the social, in an attempt to explain this phenomenon. It is not found a single psychological profile of terrorist, but what unites this sample is the existence of vulnerability for terrorism and particular ideology. However, the deepest in this phenomenon is the word "psychology", which unfortunately still remains undiscovered. Even more complicated is the attempt to describe those who are ahead to be chosen to lead this psychology.

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