Democratic legal guarantees of the Republic of Macedonia as a modern state

Dojcinovski, Metodija and Levkovski, Ljupco and Kletnikov, Nikola (2013) Democratic legal guarantees of the Republic of Macedonia as a modern state. The Balkans between past and future: security, conflict resolution and Euro-atlantic integration.

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This paper is an attempt to determine the guarantees of societies in the modern world. Democracy, legal state and human rights make a unity that cannot be separated. Human rights in their tense and dependent relationship with the democracy are the most visible criteria for the character of the government. They limit its self-will by delimiting the zones of influence even when it comes from the citizens. A legal state canalizes all the principles and practices, which guarantee the freedom of the individual and his or her participation in the overall functioning of the society. A state built over the principles of democracy with emphasized accent of respect and protection of human rights is a radical contrast to the state absolutism and basic criteria for the rule of the law. Established international standards which guarantee and protect the human rights as universal and non separable with the law are proclaimed as a civilization ideal. We wonder why in a modern society imagined as human and civilized we are facing discrimination, problems in the legal procedures, illegal trafficking, spread of economic poverty and ecological catastrophe. Why it is a society where the new forms of violence and war crimes are reaching larger extents? Is the society ready to deal with the new challenges and the respect the human rights? It seems that the world today is away from the imagined civilization ideal and the protection of human rights on the Balkan is a difficult mission. Republic of Macedonia has ratified almost all agreements related to human rights at international and European level and has adopted an extensive legislation which directly or indirectly regulates the human rights issues. Yet, what is the extent of its implementation. Whether the society will be characterized as democratic ones depends on the functioning of the institutions and implantation of the legislature. In line with this, this work aims to show the inseparable thread between the democracy and the legal state with an accent of the human rights.

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