The educator as a creativity ancourager in children

Petrova Gjorgjeva, Emilija and Kitanova, Irena and Mirascieva, Snezana and Koceva, Daniela (2017) The educator as a creativity ancourager in children. Unapređenje kvalitete života djece i mladih. pp. 99-102. ISSN 1986-9886

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There are numerous theoretical approaches to creativity, but the paper focuses on three of them: the concept of creativity as a mental disorder, the concept of creativity as the essence of a selfactualized human being and the social approach to creativity. Historically speaking, the relationship between school and creativity was far from ideal, and still many school critics emphasize that school has counterproductive effect on creativity. The reason for this lies in the general organization of the learning process in schools, and educational philosophy that is focused on the convergent way of thinking and the existence of “only one correct answer”, which are not correspondent with the creativity process. Nowadays creativity is becoming increasingly recognized as a means for personal growth, as well as social progress and survival of a community. Creative teaching should be based on the changed social relations between teachers and students through encouraging students to ask unusual questions and show initiative, by showing them that not every problem is already solved and by allowing them to make mistakes. In addition, it is required to apply methods and techniques that promote creativity. It is especially important to educate prospective teachers in creativity stimulating ways in order to provide a model for them to organize their own classroom activities as teachers. Keywords: Teaching in school, notion of creativity, importance of creativity, me

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