Results of indoor radon measurements in the Republic of Macedonia: – a review

Stojanovska, Zdenka and Boev, Blazo and Boev, Ivan (2017) Results of indoor radon measurements in the Republic of Macedonia: – a review. Contributions, Section of Natural, Mathematical and Biotechnical Sciences, MASA, 38 (2). pp. 137-145. ISSN 1857-9027

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Radon and its short lived decay products accumulated in indoor environment are the main source of public exposure to natural radiations. The health effects as well as a great number of natural and artificial factors affecting the radon accumulation in indoor environments are some of the motives for the scientific interest in radon issue. Following this global trend, many studies of indoor radon in the Balkan region, including the Republic of Macedonia have been conducted in the last decade. This paper is an overview of the published papers regarding indoor radon concentration measurements with nuclear track detectors in the Republic of Macedonia. It gives basic information about the spatial and temporal variability of indoor radon over the territory of the country, following by a description of the some factors which affect its variations. This review attempts: to organize available indoor radon results in order to show clear picture of the so far conducted surveys; to highlight the need for continuation of more extensive radon investigation in workplaces; to motivate the building professionals to create as much as possible mitigation methods for indoor radon reduction, to motivate the health professionals for epidemiological studies etc.

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