Suitable human biomarkers for biomonitoring of environmental pollution

Velickova, Nevenka (2017) Suitable human biomarkers for biomonitoring of environmental pollution. In: The 1st International Conference towards Sustainable Development (TSD’2017), 27-28 Oct 2017, Skopje, Macedonia.


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There are many different types of pollutants released to environment in every moment by the human activity which classified in five categories: inorganic and organic pollutants, organo-metalic compounds, radioactive isotopes and gases. These toxic elements enter different ecosystems easily and their effects remain for a long period of time. In occupational health, biomonitoring deals with the systematic or repetitive measurement of chemical or biochemical markers in fluids, tissues, or other accessible samples from people exposed to or with past exposure to chemicals risk factors. Depending on their toxicological significance, biomarkers have been classified in three main categories: biomarkers of exposure, biomarkers of effect, and biomarkers of susceptibility. As a result of this biomonitoring, they are conside¬red as important tools for investigating mechanisms behind exposure-induced adverse health effects. For that point of view, genotoxicological asseys as micronucleus assey, comet assey,and sister chromatid exchange (SCE) are very important test in ecotoxivology in general. The result of this assay indicated a direct relation between increase of pollution and changes in the cells. For that reasons the determination of their abnormality can be suggested as a specific biomarker of exposure for biomonitoring of pollution within an ecosystem and also could be useful point in ecotoxicological studies.

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