Methodology of development of National Clinical Guidelines

Zisovska, Elizabeta (2017) Methodology of development of National Clinical Guidelines. In: 3-rd Symposium: “Respiratory tract infections - Beliefs/ Evidence/ Practice”, 17-19 Nov 2017, Skopje, Macedonia.

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Clinical research continually generates new findings that can contribute to effective and efficient patient care. A widely accepted definition of clinical practice guidelines (CPG) is “systematically developed statements to assist practitioner and patient decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances”. The types of CPG depend on the need, and could be urgent, standard or full. The standard CPG are the most frequent ones, and are developed as a response to a need for changes of the clinical practice in a certain clinical subject, as for example, respiratory diseases, but they cannot cover the entire topic. Such a Guidelne need to be updated, aiming to include the new evidence based recommendations. The CPG could be developed as “de novo”, adopted, adapted or contextualized of existing Guideline. Considering the existing resources, for Republic of Macedonia the most appropriate methodology is adoption/adaptation/contextualization of the CPG. Actually, this is the main aim of this paper, to transfer the proper methodology of development of Evidence based CPG. Published methods for development of valid guidelines differ in their detail, but all are founded on three essential principles. Firstly, guidelines must be evidencebased, with recommendations based on a systematic review. Secondly, individual recommendations must be evidence-linked, using a recognised grading scheme. Thirdly, guideline development must be multidisciplinary, undertaken by a group in which all stakeholders (including patients or service users), for the clinical topic, are represented. It is very important to include a family practitioner, as clinical practitioner who has the insight of the overall context, and give their contribution to the assessment of the implementation success of the CG. Key words: Clinical Guideline, methodology, clinical practice

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