Role of probiotics and prebiotics in maintenance health gut flora

Taleski, Vaso and Trpceva, Kristina and Zdravkovska, Milka (2017) Role of probiotics and prebiotics in maintenance health gut flora. In: Втор научен симпозиум „Денови на превентивна медицина во Република Македонија 2017”, 2-4 Nov 2017, Ohrid, Macedonia.

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Introduction Gut flora is complex community of more than 1.000 species of different microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and yeasts), and majority are bacteria. Most of microorganisms are in colon. They have huge number of metabolic activities, which is the reason, that many scientists recognize gut flora as “forgotten” organ. All microorganisms on and in the human body are define as human microbiome. Gut flora has number of important function for human health. Large number of studies showed that changes in balance of gut flora are reasons for numerous diseases. WHO are defining probiotics as live microorganisms, which administrated in proper amounts, contribute with many health benefits for human health. Prebiotics are non-digestive carbohydrates for human but substrates to induce growth of useful microorganisms in human organism. Sinbiotics is a term for combination of probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics and prebiotics may correct dis-balance and enable optimal function of gut flora. Aims To explain what are probiotics and prebiotics, way of activity, availability and possible side effects of their use, present the most used probiotics in several medical institutions in Sthip. Material and methods Data from available expert and scientific literature were used. Data for recommendations and use of probiotics in several medical institutions in Sthip were analyzed. Results Large number of probiotics exists. Most recommended and used probiotics are Linex, Probalans, Prolife, Darmflora plus, Helicobalans, Biogaja and Diastop. Conclusions Recommendations for use of probiotics were according indications and age of patients. Linex is mostly used for children while Probalans, Prolife and Darmflora plus for adults. There are not existing data regarding side effects after use of probiotics. Key words: dis-balance, prebiotics, probiotics, gut flora.

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