Output 2 Integrating E-Learning and Open Educational Resources into Classroom” – iOERc

Zdravev, Zoran and Zlatanovska, Biljana and Kocaleva, Mirjana and Krstev, Aleksandar and Barbareev, Kiril and Stojanovic, Igor (2016) Output 2 Integrating E-Learning and Open Educational Resources into Classroom” – iOERc. Erasmus + programme, Key Action 2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices Strategic Partnerships for school education. (Submitted)

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Throughout this project, informations were gathered regarding the current level of ICT implementation in the high schools, participants in the project. The acent of the information was towards the current use of e-learning and OERs (abbreviation that will be used, later in the text, for open educational resources) and the level of implementation of their correlation in the teaching process. The information gathered were presented as previous experiences at the meetings held with all the participants in the project. The UGD and TUS representatives made a detailed analyses and systematization of the findings in order to prepare reccommendations for integrating e-learning and OERs. Therefore, the purpose of this document is to develop recommendations for integrating e-learning and OER with the help of specific measures and action plan. The recommendations will be tailored to their specific requirements (and will contain an action plan). The previously identified best practices need to be defined and a plan for implementation for all schools within the project is developed. The fact is that technology is changing rapidly, so the current technologies and the latest scientific achievements will be taken into account. This document will identify curricula that are common to the high school participants in the project and for which digital learning content should be developed (for example, mathematics, physics, and arts). Teachers will develop the digital educational content for these subjects in the final phase of the project. The recommendations will be published online and pdf publications will be available to the public. Teachers from secondary schools who are part of this project, as well as the wider scientific community will benefit from these recommendations. High school students will have the same immediate benefit from the recommendations, although their teachers will have greater competencies. Recommendations will be presented at the event, as well as at scientific gatherings that will be organized in the member countries of the project or in their neighboring countries.

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