Acupuncture treatment for diaphragm muscle damage after peptic ulcer surgery

Zhu, Jihe and Arsovska, Blagica and Kozovska, Kristina (2017) Acupuncture treatment for diaphragm muscle damage after peptic ulcer surgery. InternationalJournal of Scientific Reports, 3 (10). pp. 271-273. ISSN 2454-2156

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The diaphragm is a muscle located in the base of the thorax, serving two main functions –inspiration and separating the abdominal and thoracic cavity. During some chest and abdomen surgeries the muscle can be accidentally damaged and cause pain and other severe symptoms. The treated patient is a 46 year old male with constant pain variable in intensity, difficulty in breathing and nausea for 14 years. The pain occurred after peptic ulcer surgery, located in the upper abdomen below the ribs in the epigastric region. The patient was given wrong diagnosis for chronic pancreatitis and was taking Tramadol, Ketonal and Zaracet for 14 years. The treatments started on 5thof May 2017 in our clinic for Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Treatments were done indoor, on a room temperature, with duration of 35-40 minutes. Treatments were done once weekly with normal (dry) acupuncture with fine sterile disposable needles. The patient immediately felt better after only one treatment. After three treatments the patient was totally pain-free and all the accompanying symptoms were gone. Acupuncture points that were used in the treatment are: Du8, Du6, Du7, Du20, Li6, Ki16, Rm4, Rm11, St36, Sp6 and Lv3. With correct diagnosis and proper treatment we succeeded to help our patient to relieve him from the long-lasting pain for a very short time.

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