Dental calculus in relation to idiopathic nephrolithiasis

Toneva, Verica and Toneva, Aleksandra and Ristova- Stojanova, Aleksandra and Petrovski, Mihajlo and Ristov, Oliver (2017) Dental calculus in relation to idiopathic nephrolithiasis. In: 22nd Bass Congress, Contemporary Challenges in Dentistry, 4-6 May 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece.

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Beckground: Renal stones are among the most common cause of morbidity in humans, primarily because of their formation and action can lead to serious kidney function disorders. Dental calcuilus possesses the same structural construction and mineralization process as in other biological processes, including renal stones. Themainmain goal of this study wastoevaluatetherelationshipbetweenthepresenceofdentalplaqueandtartarandrenalstonesinindividualswithnephrolithiasis. Mattherial and method: Total number of 80 patients, male and female, aged between 25-50 years, coming at regular internist control chuch-ups were evaluated. All of the subjects were with diagnostednephrolithiasis. All of themhad fullfiled a survey about their oral hygiene routuine and were check up for presence of dental calculus. Oral status of persons was investigated by using a simplified OHI calculus index and Volpe Manhold calculus index. Results: High prevalcence of dental calculus in more than 90 % of the subjects was recorded among the patients with nefrolitiasisHigh mean values Calculus Indices scores recorded among study group shown positive high significant correlation recorded between dental plaque with calculus accumulations among study group. Conclusion: From the results we can noticed that there is a connection between the presence of tartar and renal calculi. There for, special oral health preventive programs are needed for those patients. Key Words: Dental calculus, dental plaque mineralization, idiopathic calcium renal stone, kidney stones, urolithiasis.

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