Priority medicines for children Report 2013: Achievements since 2004 and areas for improvements

Ivanovska, Verica and Mantel-Teeuwisse, Aukje and van Dijk, Liset (2013) Priority medicines for children Report 2013: Achievements since 2004 and areas for improvements. In: Utrecht WHO Winter meeting 2013, 10-11 Jan 2013, Utrecht, the Netherlands. (Unpublished)

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Background: Children are not small adults, but a vulnerable population with developmental, physiological and psychological differences between age groups and from adults. Paediatric dosage regimens cannot be simply extrapolated from adult data. Children are coined "therapeutic orphans” because the majority of marketed medicines not studied in children or approved for paediatric use. Progress on age-appropriate paediatric formulations: Purpose of good paediatric formulations is to achieve safe and accurate dose administration, reduce the risk of medication errors, and enhance the compliance with medications. Discussion: Much progress done in the development of age-appropriate paediatric formulations, especially for oral route of administration. Many innovative paediatric formulations and devices but few are available on the market, due to high costs (patents) and (un)willingness for refunds by health insurance bodies. Areas for future developments and research include: (1) new routes of administration such as oral-transmusosal (buccal strips), intra-nasal and trans-dermal (for neonates mainly). (2) Children's ability to swallow and their preferences need to be investigated. This will direct future formulation research towards (mini) tablets, chewable tablets, dispersible tablets or more oral liquids. (3) More research into alternative safe excipients for children such as natural polymers (e.g. cyclodextrin to mask taste of drugs, improve solubility or protect drugs/patient).

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