Investing in staff development - path to success for companies

Pasovska, Silvana and Miceski, Trajko (2017) Investing in staff development - path to success for companies. Fourth International Science ConferenceContemporary management challenges and organizational sciences, 4 (595). pp. 313-329. ISSN 978-608-4729-06-8

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Management of human resources involves conduct or direct the people in the company. The basic tenets of governance which it is based are: work incentives, organizational socialization, organizational culture, relations between individuals, the relationship between the individual and the group and relations between the group and the company. As the management of human resources is constantly changing and so promote it incurs major changes. The relations of superiority and subordination, cultivated for thousands of years, slowly but surely gives way to cooperation and creatively solve the targets encouragingintegrity and initiative of the employee to a higher level. Motivation is an internal force or energy that leads to action, performing activities and achievements.Motivacijata connected with the desire and ambition, and if they are absent then the motivation is absent. Very often, an employee has the desire and ambition to complete a specific job or achieve a certain goal, but no initiative and willingness to take action.Ova due to lack of motivation and inner strength that will lead to achieving the objectives.Motivation strengthens ambition and increases initiative provides guidance, courage, energy and perseverance to follow the objectives. Management of human resources is based on personnel policy and its proper implementation. That is a process that brings together "the activities of planning and development, selection and allocation, valuation and appraisal, replacement, retirement and firing, rest and recreation." Key words: Globalization, Team working, Running, Planning, Engineering, Management, Functions, Motivation.

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