Македонското малцинство во Бугарија од признавање кон негирање 1948 – 1989

Stojkov, Stojko (2016) Македонското малцинство во Бугарија од признавање кон негирање 1948 – 1989. Годишен зборник на ФОН, 6 (1). pp. 67-86.

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This article is devoted to the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria in the period from 1948 – 1989. From infamous resolution of Inform-bureau against Yugoslavia to the fall of communism in Bulgaria. Special attention is paid to the processes that led to the end of an already given recognition and minority rights and the imposition of opposite policy. Started by stopping the process of unification of Pirin Macedonia with the People’s Republic of Macedonia and the abolition of cultural autonomy of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria and shortening of minority rights, process later evolved in an attempt to instrumentalize the minority for territorial expansion in the Balkans. The failure of this project followed complete denial of the existence of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria and its treatment as a threat to the territorial integrity of the state. As an inevitable consequence of shortening of rights and especially the denial of existing of minority occurred long string of repression and persecution of those who were not willing to give up their identity, and increased assimilation of the Macedonian minority. The text also traced the relations between Bulgaria and Yugoslavia and the impact they have had on the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria. Key words: Macedonian identity, self-determination, Pirin Macedonia, discrimination, assimilation, repression.

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