Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in E-Commerce

Kambovski, Igor (2016) Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in E-Commerce. Knowledge: International Journal Scientific Papers, 15.2. pp. 615-619. ISSN 1857-92

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Intellectual property rights and the rights deriving from it, as subjective civil rights with significant public law elements, form a special part of civil law. Property rights, in general, and the rights arising from intellectual property are, by their legal nature, absolute rights, and they act erga omnes, but characteristic of intellectual property rights is that certain powers contained in these rights have a limited time of usage and protection by their owner or creator, and after the expiry of certain period of time, they become free to be used. Like the movable and immovable property, and intellectual goods can be bought, sold, be transferred for use with legal action, to inherit etc. The owner of the intellectual good has the right to prevent unauthorized use or sale and to seek civil remedies for violation of rights. Their protection has always provoked interest in science and in practice, because it is a specific matter, with clearly defined legal characteristics with precise legal definitions, but, also, with significant problems in terms of exercise of rights and protection. This is especially evident in the area of Electronic commerce as a new, modern way of trading through the Internet. In this area, even if it may seem harmless or relatively harmless, there are some hidden threats that can cause serious consequences that can disrupt the normal flow of business and legal acts and transactions. Piracy, unauthorized transmission and reproduction of intangible property, and even the Internet as a medium that is not yet sufficiently regulated by law, are offering opportunities for serious abuses and violations of property rights, especially in the area of rights arising from intellectual property.

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