Застапување-минато и сегашност-Agency-Past and Present

Kambovski, Igor (2016) Застапување-минато и сегашност-Agency-Past and Present. Pravni zivot, LXV (10). pp. 751-759. ISSN YU 0350-0500

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The need to take legal steps and measures with the help of another person exists in every society in which there is at least the small sign of a legal operations. The structure of social organization, the type and level of development of its economy, and the development of law and legal theory in the society create the intensity of the needs of agency and how it will be done, or what remedies will serve in that purpose. Thus, the old, primitive legal systems do not recognize the process of taking legal activities for another person through agency, although economics and law in some of those ancient societies were highly developed. The legal practice in these societies developed many legal institutes to very high level and some of them exist even today, with unchanged physiognomy, and serves contemporary law.

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