The Ombudsman role in the Republic of Macedonia as a controller of the state administration work

Denkova, Jadranka and Stoilova, Biljana (2016) The Ombudsman role in the Republic of Macedonia as a controller of the state administration work. (JPMNT) Journal of Process Management – New Technologies, International, 4 (2). pp. 71-78. ISSN 2334-7449

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Refering to the primary role of the institutuion Ombudsman- human rights protection, it is important to ephasize the numerous measurements available within the scope of its competences. The purpose of this paper is to make analysis of one segment of the numerous competences, which is perceiving the actions and activities undertaken by the Ombudsman as a controller of the State bodies, i.e. State Administration in the Republic od Macedonia. Human rights and freedoms are mostly violated by suppliers of public services, and the Ombudsman is the one with a competence in the area of protecting the citizens from these bodies and institutions. In this protection precisely, the Ombudsman is directed towards controlling the legality as well as the appropriatness of the actions undertaken and the decisions made by the bodies of State Administration. Thus, reserach methodology is directed towards qualitative analysis of documents and statisical data dating from the period 2010-2014, relevant to the research subject . At the same time, by analyzing the annual reports of the Ombudsman in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as the number of complaints lodged by the citizens, we come to conclude that the legal settlement of the Ombudsman competences, limited solely to preventive actions, and not being authorized for making mandatory legal decisions while controlling the State bodies work, negatively affects the effective protection of the civil human rights and freedoms from State bodies and other oublic authorities. Key words: rights, freedom, control, state bodies, protection

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