How to bring school closer to students, how to tailor school to them

Stavreva Veselinovska, Snezana (2016) How to bring school closer to students, how to tailor school to them. 10th International Balkan Education and Science Congress on the topic of “Educatıon and globalızatıon”, 1. pp. 81-89. ISSN ISBN 978-9989-823-64-0

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This paper analyzes the issue of how to bring school closer to students and how to tailor education to them so that they are able to present themselves to the world when they finish school, and communicate with it. The purpose of this study was to find the applicable reformist methods of teaching biology - methods that will make biology lessons look like creative workshops. For this purpose, nine semi-structured interviews with experienced teachers of biology were conducted. UNESCO's Conference on Education in Paris (1997) clearly set educational goals, and that is that students need to acquire applicable knowledge. However, the new European educational system, which seemingly offers innovation, proved to be completely different; it gives priority to the form rather than to good content and orientation towards solutions. Evaluations of students from the year 2012 show that there is too much statistics in biology, and unnecessary obsolete data and information. The project "Computer for Every Child" is one way of adjusting the manner of presentation to children. In this way, parents do not have to tell children that the computer is not good for learning because it interferes with the child's working routine. However, none of the teachers showed pleasure in the experience of replacing frontal communication and group presentations. Good thinking skills cannot occur in a vacuum, there must be something to think about. And the nature of scientific research imposes certain limitations on the process of solving a problem because everything is controlled by variables that are considered prestigious, and in social sciences ethics and aesthetics are essential where the art of deduction plays an important role. The study included 9 biology teachers (3 male and 6 female). In this study, which consisted of a 120 minutes long interview teachers were first given a list of 10 strategies and then they were encouraged to add a new strategy. They were asked about what their goals in teaching biology were, and what their experience in teaching was. Teachers mostly agreed on the need for systematic leading of students so that they work out the solutions of the problem on their own. Among the interviewed teachers two different poles in thinking were noticed - pessimists and optimists. Although these were all teachers with experience, the authors conclude that the fact is, that although biology is considered a well-developed science, in Macedonia it is taught very differently by different teachers. The educational reform must be based on well-defined strategies for teaching that all teachers can incorporate into a common curriculum.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: biology, reformist methods, teaching biology, systematic leading.
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