Assessment in antibiotics self-medication in dental patients

Kovacevska, Ivona and Angelovska, Bistra and Toneva, Verica and Toneva, Aleksandra and Georgiev, Zlatko and Kovacevski, Ivo (2016) Assessment in antibiotics self-medication in dental patients. In: VI-ти Конгрес по фармация с международно участие под мотото “PharmaceutiQoL Challenges and Avenues”, 13-16 Oct 2016, Sandanski, Bugarija.

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Today, in the era of high technology, where all the information were arrived via internet or media, drugs and medications are easily available to the general population. Because of that, the possibility of self-medication is much faster and easier that the visit of dental office. The aim of this study was to evaluate self-medication of antibiotics in patients who need dental services. Also, to verify the most common antibiotics used as self-medication. Material and methods: The study included 255 participants, of both sexes, from 4 cities in Macedonia. Everyone was given an anonymous questionnaire, which contained basic questions for respondents, groups of questions regarding self-medication with antibiotics and which are the most commonly used antibiotic drugs. Results: The survey showed that 83% of respondents used antibiotics self-medication. Most of them, solve the dental problem at home, without visiting the dentist. Also, 64% of patients included in this study, suggested the dentist which antibiotic should be prescribed. Antibiotics are powerful drugs to fight bacterial infections, but their uncontrolled and unjustified use leads to more side effects such as resistance, and that is one of world's global health challenges. Because of side effects of antibiotics and interactions with other drugs, they must be used under the control and recommendation of appropriate therapist.

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