Informative Perspective Of Financial Disclosure And Its Importance For Capital Market Efficiency

Gorgieva-Trajkovska, Olivera and Koleva, Blagica and Dimitrova, Janka and Nikoloski, Krume and Georgieva Svrtinov, Vesna (2016) Informative Perspective Of Financial Disclosure And Its Importance For Capital Market Efficiency. Proceedings of International Academic Conference on Management, Economics, Business and Marketing-MEBM in Budapest 2016. ISSN 978-80-906231-4-9 Czech Technical

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The impact of various factors on the formation of organizational structure of accounting system exists, as the accounting structure under the influence of environmental factors show atypical behavior.It can be concluded that these factors primarily affect the accounting measurement and disclosure practices, which is reflected in the preparation and evaluation of positions in financial statements of business entities.In this context, the relationship between the capital markets and accounting system of values regulates the amount of information disclosure. Besides the disharmonization of accounting practices in different national economies, existing of asymmetric information is inevitable factor which determines the level of disclosure and transparency of information, i.e. responsibility of businesses in preparation and presentations of financial statements. This paper also describes the variety of financing sources available to both individual consumers and businesses, and the considerations that lead a consumer or a business to choose a specific financing source. A robust, efficient, and diverse financial system facilitates economic growth. Research has shown that the level of financial development is a strong predictor of economic growth. It then discusses how this variety of financing sources provides benefits to the economy and how they affect the practice of financial reporting. Keywords:information, disclosure, capital, market, financial

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