Application of Quasigroups in Cryptography and Data Communications

Mileva, Aleksandra and Dimitrova, Vesna and Bakeva, Verica and Samardziska, Simona and Popovska - Mitrovikj, Aleksandra and Mihajloska, Hristina and Bikov, Dusan and Markovski, Smile (2016) Application of Quasigroups in Cryptography and Data Communications. [Project]

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In the past decade, quasigroup theory has proven to be a fruitfull field for production of new cryptographic primitives and error-corecting codes. Examples include several finalists in the flagship competitions for new symmetric ciphers, as well as several assimetric proposals and cryptcodes. Since the importance of cryptography and coding theory for secure and reliable data communication can only grow within our modern society, investigating further the power of quasigroups in these fields is highly promising research direction.
Our team of researchers has defined several research objectives, which can be devided into four main groups:

1. Design of new cryptosystems or their building blocks based on quasigroups - we plan to make a classification of small quasigroups based on new criteria, as well as to identify new optimal 8–bit S-boxes produced by small quasigroups. The results will be used to design new stream and block ciphers.

2. Cryptanalysis of some cryptosystems based on quasigroups - we will modify and improve the existing automated tools for differential cryptanalysis, so that they can be used for prove the resistance to differential cryptanalysis of several existing ciphers based on quasigroups. This will increase the confidence in these ciphers.

3. Codes based on quasigroups - we will designs new and improve the existing error correcting codes based on combinatorial structures and quasigroups.

4. Algebraic curves over finite fields with their cryptographic applications - using some known and new tools, we will investigate the rational points on algebraic curves over finite fields, and explore the possibilities of applying the results in cryptography.

Item Type: Project
Subjects: Natural sciences > Computer and information sciences
Divisions: Faculty of Computer Science
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Date Deposited: 04 Nov 2016 13:01
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