Fractals one reason and basis of design

Despot, Katerina and Sandeva, Vaska (2016) Fractals one reason and basis of design. XXV International Conference for Young Scientists 2016. pp. 269-274.


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Fractals are strange geometric shapes that are made up of a reduced version of themselves. Each part of the reduction is a copy of themselves. Why so great? Because they are all around us, and we see every day but do not perceive.Realizing that there was a link between mathematics and the decorative part of the structural design. Basically all elements of models used in decorative design patterns with basic mathematical structures - that is a model created by the attendance or omission of fractals and form the backbone of the form design. There is a belief that the partnership between mathematics and crafts dating from the invention of geometry in which repetitive patterns that are seen in ancient motifs and the first hints of mathematical representation of the world as a whole.which connects and opposes creativity and design analogy is dropping and rising model creates fractal surface and that combined with gradation is the basis for creating compositions in design.

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