Map of the moho discontinuity of the Republic of Macedonia

Delipetrov, Todor and Blažev, Krsto and Doneva, Blagica and Popovski, Risto (2016) Map of the moho discontinuity of the Republic of Macedonia. Посебно издание на Geologica Macedonica, 4 (2). pp. 493-496. ISSN 0352-1206

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Conducted researches for determination of the depth of moho discontinuity in the Republic of Macedonia dates back a long time and starts with the completion of deep seismic sounding profiles along Tetovo - Kocani and Debar - Delcevo. Using these data in the paper is an analysis of the depth of moho discontinuity depending on the amount of relief, Bouguer's anomaly and speed of neo - tectonic elevation. An discretization is made on the space with network at a distance of 5 km and each point is defined correlation coefficient and depth mojo discontinuity of the presented parameters. Based on the results, a map of moho discontinuity in the Republic of Macedonia was made. Moho discontinuity depth varies from minimum depth near Sveti Nikole about 30 km to a maximum depth of the East to the Bulgarian border and west to Albania 45 to 50 km. The research reveals an interesting pick in the result section of Ohrid - Prespa region for a very small depth of Moho discontinuity but for this point of the research is necessary to perform additional analysis given that in this area is located Ohrid - Prespa aquifer basin with a large quantity of groundwater that have affected these studies. The analysis of the map of Moho discontinuity in the Republic of Macedonia shows that this limit has the smallest depth in the part of the Vardar zone and sinking going east towards the Rhodope mass in Bulgaria and to the West to the Albanian border, also, going to south, the depth shows slight decreasing.

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Date Deposited: 03 Oct 2016 09:30
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