Overview of the natural parameters from the geological-economical evaluation of the Borov Dol ore deposit, Republic of Macedonia

Gjorgjiev, Lazar and Serafimovski, Todor and Filev, Kiril and Tasev, Goran (2016) Overview of the natural parameters from the geological-economical evaluation of the Borov Dol ore deposit, Republic of Macedonia. Special Issue of Geologica Macedonica, 4 (2). pp. 621-628.

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Attractiveness of the newly explored Cu-Au porphyry Borov Dol ore deposit gave us an initiative to calculate several important techno-economical parameters, which can define the economic type of this mineralization. Namely, the degree of ore bearing in these types of ore mineralization is variable, but calculation at particular levels and different drill holes gave the more realistic ratio of mixed types of mineralizations within this ore body. Calculated ore-bearing coefficient was 0.78%, meaning that within the ore body boundaries only 22% of mass is not mineralized somehow, which is highly compatible with neighboring Buchim porphyry deposit and its four ore bodies. The calculated value of variation coefficient (V) has shown value of 52% that is in the range of 43-100%, which displays that this ore body belongs to the third group of deposits with uneven mineralization. An average copper, gold and silver concentrations were determined as 0.247% Cu, 0.19g/t Au and 1.34 g/t Ag, respectively. Minimal economic content (MEC) within the Borov Dol ore deposit, as represent of this kind of mineralizations, was determined as 0.204% Cu. In similar manner was calculated the lowest copper boundary, which have shown value of 0.159% Cu and thus allowing certain decrease of contents in the eventual process of exploitation of ore. Also, there were calculated so called copper monometal values, which included influence of the present gold and silver in the ore. Calculated copper monometal was set at relatively fair 0.272% Cu that repre-sents solid mainstay for exploitation of copper in these low percentage ores. Calculated ore reserves in this particular ore body were 60 Mt of ore with 0.247% Cu, 0.19 g/t Au and 1.34 g/t Ag and projected life of eventual open pit mine of promising 12 years.

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