Mineralogical characteristics of phlogopite from Dupen kamen, Republic of Macedonia

Sijakova-Ivanova, Tena and Robeva-Čukovska, Lidija (2016) Mineralogical characteristics of phlogopite from Dupen kamen, Republic of Macedonia. IOSR Journal of Applied Geology and Geophysics (IOSR-JAGG), 4 (4). pp. 72-76. ISSN 2321–0990


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Abstract: In this paper are presented mineralogicalcharacteristicsof phlogopite from Dupen kamen, Republic of Macedonia. Several samples of phlogopite from Dupen kamenwere analysed by XRD, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and Infrared spectroscopy (IR).The use of these three methods showed that they are very useful methods for rapid mineral analysis contributing important analytical information. The results of the X-ray powder pattern, SEM analysis and Infrared spectroscopyenabled straightforward identification of the studied mineral sample as phlogopite.Phlogopite is located in a series ofmarblesthat are part ofthePelagonianmetamorphic complex. It occurs in yellow and gold yellow monoclinic-prismatic crystals. Transparent to translucent with vitreous lustre.Streak is white. Hardnessis 2-2½ while density is 2.7 - 2.9 g/cm3. Cleavage is perfect on {001}.Concentration of Mg is 16.50-17.98%, Al 6.16-7.31%, Si 20.86-26.84% while K from 8.59 to 9.93%. Phlogpite in marble form Dupen kamen is considered that was formed probably by reaction between dolomite and earlier formed potassium feldspar or muscovite. Keywords: phlogopite, (SEM)-scanning electron microscope, (X-ray)-powder diffraction(IR) infrared spectroscopy

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Date Deposited: 23 Sep 2016 07:37
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