A guide to the monasteries in the Republic of Macedonia

Metodijeski, Dejan and Taskov, Nako and Dimitrov, Nikola (2016) A guide to the monasteries in the Republic of Macedonia. Agency for promotion and support of tourism of Republic of Macedonia, Skopje. ISBN 978-608-65886-6-3

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Despite its European location, the Republic of Macedonia is still surprisingly unexplored country, abundant in natural beauty, history and culture. The monastery tourism in this country, from a historic perspective, has a long tradition being supported with evidence of the hospitality of the monasteries in accommodating travelers. A typical monasterycomplex was built quite vividly, including multi-storey lodgings with spacious balconies, bulwarks, bell towers, a variety of commercial facilities, mountain pastures, cellars for storage of wine, home-made brandy and winter food supplies stored in basement cellars. The monasteries had their own crops, woods and meadows, pastures for the stock, vineyards and orchards, private properties and livestock like sheep, goats, cattle as well as apiculture. Macedonian monasteries have always been welcoming all passengers, travelers, all good people passing by to have a meal, rest or spend the night before they carry on with their journey. Monasteries have remained the place to help the needy and the feeble. Apart from leading monastic lives there, monasteries have always represented important literacy centers. Monasteries have been creating groups of icon painters, wood carvers and builders to meet their own needs, which have been decorating monastries even outside the Macedonian borders and these are probably the best groups of icon painters, wood carvers, craftsmen and builders throughout the Balkans. There are more than 270 monasteries in the Republic of Macedonia today. Around 150 of these are well preseved with a local character and approximetely 120 destroyed or partially destroyed. However, a great number are of special interest to the visitors, having regional, national, and some even international significance. This vividly ilustrated guide aims to provide you with every information you might require to visit and discover any monestery complex in the country. Apart from the tourism related information regarding the hisorical background of these monasteries, this guide includes description, accomodation possibilities and food, cartographically presented colour maps of the monesteries and their sorrowndings, contact information, places of significance in their surrownding, recommended tours and other important information. It includes all relevant information for visitors, regardless of the purpose of their visit, whether it would be for religious obeisance or purely for tourism. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who participated and assisted the preparation of this guide, primarily to all monks for giving their support and required information, as well as the employees from the Faculty of Tourism and Bussiness Logistics at the University ‘Goce Delcev’ Stip, the researchers collecting all relevant literatureand electronic sources, priests from the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric, the photographers, the map draftsmen, the designers of the guide and the employees at the Agency for Support and Promotion of Tourism and all remaining who willingly gave a sincere contribution for this edition. Being the first edition, it might unintentionally lack some important moments from the monestery tourism in the Republic of Macedonia. We are most certainly open for suggestions, for which we would be extremely grateful and take all into consideration for printing a second edition of this guide.

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