Design of Information Systems monitoring, record and control

Krstev, Aleksandar and Krstev, Dejan and Kokotov, Mile and Krstev, Boris and Nuskova, Simona and Penova, Marija (2016) Design of Information Systems monitoring, record and control. In: ITRO 2016, 10 June 2016, Zrenjanin, Serbia.


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Abstract - Logistics management information system is essential to provide management with the knowledge to exploit new markets, make changes in the design of packaging, make a right choice in store to raise or reduce inventory, to determine the profitability of customers and establish profitable level of customer service, choose transporter and determine which system of processing orders will be automated. To bring these strategic decisions management must know how you are changing costs and revenues dependent on appropriate alternatives would be selected. An advanced system for order processing is able to provide much information to different departments in the organization. Terminals for access to data can be made available to logistics management, production and marketing department. The system can provide a variety of regular reports and reports on the current situation upon request. The design of logistics information systems begins by examining consumer needs and determination of standards features to meet those needs. Next you need to make is the need for consumers to compare with the current capabilities of the company, and to explore current operations in order to identify areas that require monitoring. It is important at this level to interview different levels of management. In this way the company can determine what strategic and operational decisions are made and what information and in what form is needed for decision making. The next step is an examination of current possibilities for data processing companies in order to determine what changes are needed. Finally, the database could be created and the reports should be designed taking into account management costs and Uses of each report. Good system design must be of benefit to management and to provide movement of information from where they are collected to the appropriate level of management. Phones, and teleprinter connections between computers are just a few of the materials which can transfer information. For additional information processing computerized information system must possess capabilities to store data. Data of logistics information systems may come from multiple sources from which the most important are the following: System processing orders; Statements of the company; Data from the farm; Data from management.

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