Contribution of the Republic of Macedonia in the fight against international terrorism

Racaj, Muhamet and Muaremoska Abduli, Sevilj (2016) Contribution of the Republic of Macedonia in the fight against international terrorism. In: International scientific conference researching security: approaches, concepts and policies, 2-3 June 2015, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia.


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If the beginning of the twentieth century is characterized by high development of science, technology, computerization, and all in the name of the liberation of humanity from dependence on nature and mastery of the laws that govern nature, the beginning of the twenty-first century is characterized by expansion of violence and terrorism in all parts of the globe exposed through all its forms ranging from assassinations, kidnappings, murders for political purposes, suicides, etc. Terrorism is a global phenomenon, which is characterized by illegally using threats and violence against individuals or groups of people or countries in order to achieve certain political, religious or ideological purposes. When we talk about international terrorism, in particular we talk about a phenomenon that is identical to the national terrorism and the only difference between them consists in the aspect of whether the terrorist act is performed within the territory of the country in which a terrorist organization acts or that he or she committed the terrorist act or the executed terrorist act transcends the boundaries of a state and thus save members of a particular international terrorist organization in the commission of international terrorist act and also citizens who are involved or the entire territory of more than one state. A key factor in the fight against global terrorism is the international cooperation and interplay of forces and means of the different countries in the world. Key stakeholders in the fight against global terrorism are NATO, EU, UN and regional organizations within countries which accomplish individual efforts and mutual economic, political or other types of cooperation. In this regard, the Republic of Macedonia not only as one country alone, but also in cooperation with other countries in Europe and the world is actively involved in the fight against global terrorism and continuously contributes to building peace and stability in the world. For the purposes of this paper, the essence, characteristics and forms in which terrorism occurs and acts, and the methods and forces to combat terrorism which are realized within the international community will be studied in detail and explained, and the role that the Republic of Macedonia has and the contribution that we make to the fight against global terrorism will be highlighted and analyzed with due attention, through its participation in peacekeeping operations to combat terrorism and building peace in the world as a candidate member of NATO and the European Union. The purpose of this paper is to prove that the continued participation of the Republic of Macedonia in the international missions to combat terrorism and building world peace spearheading NATO, the European Union and the United Nations, contributes to the strengthening of peace and stability in the world.

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