Pesticide analysis in water samples using GC-MS pulsed splitless injection

Kovacevik, Biljana and Zdravkovski, Zoran and Mitrev, Sasa (2016) Pesticide analysis in water samples using GC-MS pulsed splitless injection. Proceeding of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 69 (6). pp. 815-820. ISSN 1310-1331

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Pulsed splitless injection was performed on pesticide analysis in water samples using GC-MS and compared to the most frequently used classical hot splitless injection. Fifteen pesticides from di�erent chemical groups like acylalanines(benalaxyl), organophosphorus (chlorpyrifos, malathion, pirimifos methyl), carbamates (methomyl, pirimicarb, propamocarb), triazinone (metribuzin, pen- conazole), triazoles (triadimenol) anilinpirimidines (pyrimethanil), and no classi�ed buprofezin were investigated in this study. A set of experiments in water samples (pH 7) were conducted employing pulsed splitless injection with values of pressure ranging from 10 to 50 psi and purge fow to split vent of 0.5 and 1.5 min and compared to the responses of pesticides when classical hot splitless injection was used. Liquid-liquid extraction of water samples using dichlorometane as solvent, was not e�cient for propamocarb because of its higher solubility in water compared to its solubility in dichlorometane. The improvement observed at methomyl was most dramatic. Pulsed splitless injecton of 50 psi injection pressure and 1.5 min of split vent, signi�cantly improve the response of methomyl which is di�cult to be analyzed in conventional splitless injection. The same pressure but shorter vent time (0.5 min) show significant response improvement of malathion and chlorpyrifos, too. Slightly improvement was observed at pyrimethanil, pirimicarb, metribuzin and penconazole when preasure of 10 psi for 0.5 min is applied. The improvement was not observed at triadimenol and buprofezine.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: pulsed splitless injection, purge flow to split vent, response factor
Subjects: Natural sciences > Chemical sciences
Natural sciences > Other natural sciences
Divisions: Faculty of Agriculture
Depositing User: Biljana Kovacevic
Date Deposited: 12 Jul 2016 08:30
Last Modified: 12 Jul 2016 08:30

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