Analysis of the contribution of menagement theories

Nikoloski, Krume and Miceski, Trajko and Pasovska, Silvana (2016) Analysis of the contribution of menagement theories. Yearbook 2016, Faculty of Economics, 9. pp. 49-67. ISSN 1857-76-28


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The need for management becomes much bigger with the emergence of the industrial revolution. It enables creating of big departments and processes. As a result of that, it is essential to know all the process and technology of some products. Making the work and functioning easier led to new challenges: training for the workers, coordination of the materials, machines and people, distribution of stocks and services, that gives a result as the needed systematization and structuring of knowledge and ways of promotion of the functioning of the different forms of business organizations. Today, different approaches give answers to the question: How to promote the performances of the organization? That today are called ”schools” for management. In this paper will be mentioned the following: classical school for management, behavior school for management, quantitative school –management of knowledge (science), contemporary school for management and new approaches. Keywords: management, theories, organizations, methods, approaches,

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