Application of ICT in teaching biology

Stavreva Veselinovska, Snezana and Kirova, Snezana (2016) Application of ICT in teaching biology. Proceedings TIO 2016. pp. 290-300.

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The computer programs as a didactic aid are often described in didactic literature all over the world. It is not enough that they play, for instance, motivational, exercising, synthesizing or supervising function, they are to be made an independent source of reliable, easily comprehensible information, given in a way that activates students. It is also important not to replace various functions and tasks of didactic aids applied in the process of teaching-learning Biology with each other, but only to interfere skillfully. It is underlined that school practice requires methodically grounded application of these aids in the processes of teaching and educating. In this paper in selected ICT tools have been presented in the light of teaching principles and cognitive activities model. Computer science education, information and communication technology (ICT) are at present becoming one of the most important elements defining the basic competences of students. Information technology integrates medial, informative and computer science education, but also all the educational subjects mentioned in the curriculum basis of general education. In science and biology education there increasingly appear concepts of integrated teaching, showing the student the world in a holistic manner. The principle of universal activity of students in cognitive, emotional and motivation, as well as in practical sphere is preferred. More and more often attention is paid to the fact that the contemporary problem is not so much lack of information as its surplus, and the crowd of information as well as its unnecessary excess of details may be an effective tool of disinformation. Hence forming in students such skills as selection, evaluation and organizing of information (forming its structure) seems justified, so that they can serve drawing conclusions.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: information and communication technology (ICT), biology, learning and teaching, knowledge
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