The possible negative aspects of the adoption procedure

Marolov, Dejan and Ivanova, Elena (2013) The possible negative aspects of the adoption procedure. Academic Digest, Grigol Robakidze University (2). pp. 65-73. ISSN 2298-0202

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Adoption is an old institute, which primarily occurs like substitution for matrimonial communities that cannot have descendants. Now days, along with modernization of social values and beliefs, it is used for establishing adoption within certain country, as well as internationally worldwide. There is a serious need of it primarily because of a care for minors who remained without parents and parental care, for them to grow into psychologically stable person who will contribute for the better tomorrow. The adoptive parents provide the necessary home, love and attention, raise and educate for the adoptees, so they made up for the parental care which they were deprived. An individual will better develop in an environment where it will be surrounded with love and understanding, although there is no blood relation, then with biological parents who are not ready and able to create the needed conditions for a child to feel loved and desired.

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