Heavy metals pollution in muscle, craw, kidney, liver and plant food given to chickens in the area around Probishtip

Stavreva Veselinovska, Snezana (2016) Heavy metals pollution in muscle, craw, kidney, liver and plant food given to chickens in the area around Probishtip. Центр наукових публікацій збірник наукових публікацій «Велес», 1. pp. 46-53. ISSN 6827-2341


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Permanent intake of residues through meat, even if only of one of them and in small quantities, can over time cause the appearance of new chemical compounds that can cause chronic disease in humans due to cumulation and synergic action. Symptoms usually appear even when it is too late to intervene. The issue here is the fact that in this case there is no so-called alarm signal which is characteristic of infections caused by microorganisms and which would make a person feeling it seek help from a doctor. The increasingly more frequent fatigue attributed to hard work, a growing number of anxious people because of a deadly pace of life, headaches the occurrence of which is explained in different ways, heart pain etc., are probably consequences of the new nutritional era, i, e, of the effect of biological debris introduced into the human organism through meat and other products. Toxic metals get into meat through contaminated cattle feed, and partly through contaminated water or air. Of toxic metals which can be found in meat selenium should be mentioned first because it is often given to animals as prevention from certain phenomena that negatively affect the quality of the meat. As samples for proving the presence of selenium in meat, fat (the amount should be less than 1mg/kg) and muscle tissue is taken, as well as liver and kidney. It should be noted that during the inspection of meat, the largest amounts of toxic trace elements can be found in the kidney, then liver and in other organs. The paper will show the results for the content of lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury in 11 different samples of muscle, craw, kidney, liver and plant food given to poultry (chickens) in the area around Probishtip.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: heavy metals, pollution, lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, muscle, craw, kidney, liver, plant food, chickens, coefficients of correlation
Subjects: Natural sciences > Biological sciences
Divisions: Faculty of Educational Science
Depositing User: Snezana Stavrova Veselinova
Date Deposited: 10 Mar 2016 12:31
Last Modified: 10 Mar 2016 12:31
URI: http://eprints.ugd.edu.mk/id/eprint/15601

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