Prednost poznavanja engleskog jezika u procesu korišćenja interneta što kasnije vodi internet plagijatorstvo

Prodanovska, Vesna (2009) Prednost poznavanja engleskog jezika u procesu korišćenja interneta što kasnije vodi internet plagijatorstvo. Tehnologija informatika obrazovanje za društvo ucenja i znanja (II deo), 5 (2). pp. 353-362. ISSN 978-86-7447-090-9

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Summary: The purpose of this paper is to present the level of English language proficiency, usage of the English knowledge in researching through internet and the implementation of the English language knowledge in preparation of research paper to a group of students of three different majors. The testing of 90 students from the Goce Delcev University –Stip in Republic of Macedonia was conducted. The comparative method was used for three separate groups, each consisted of 30 students, such as from the Faculty of Pedagogy, Faculty of Informatics and Faculty of Philology/English Language and Literature. They were given a task to write an essay on the topic “The green house effect”. According the results it is shown that the best common knowledge of the subject given got the students of the Faculty of Pedagogy, the most successful and on time dealing with the internet and computers were the students from the Faculty of Informatics and the best in the English Language proficiency and best in researching through internet were the students from the Faculty of Philology/English language and literature. As from the results it is indicated that the most critical group that is able to perform internet plagiarism is the third group- the Faculty of Philology majoring in English. This phenomenon refers to the following: that teaching students about plagiarism becomes a responsibility to the department that deals with written assistance for students such as Center for academic writings/purposes or else but then again, not solely. Each professor needs to take an action on the first place.

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