Народните музички инструменти кај балканските народи со посебен осврт на инструментот зурла

Angelov, Goranco (2015) Народните музички инструменти кај балканските народи со посебен осврт на инструментот зурла. In: Балканскиот фолклор како интеркултурен код. Institute of Folklore “Marko Cepenkov” – Skopje, Institute of Slavonic Philology Adam Mickiewicz University – Poznań, pp. 65-82. ISBN 978-9989-642-85-2

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A challenge for Macedonian contemporary ethno-organology is the use of folk musical instruments by Macedonian population at present time and the related folk musical instruments used in the neighboring countries. In the 21st century the musical instruments’ representation is not the same as it was in the past but the use of folk musical instruments continued up to the present, preserving their ancient forms. This study includes general information of folk music instruments used by Balkan people, with a special emphasis on the zurla (large double-reed horn) as an instrument which is present in the same form in the Republic of Macedonia as well in the neighboring countries: Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Greece. We have made a survey on information related to the origin, terminology and structure of the zurla in order to reveal the identity of this music instrument in comparison to the instruments being used on other territories with some cultural and historical differences. In some way, zurla unites people from different cultural, sociological and religious origins. Zurla was assimilated in the territories where it was being used although, without any hesitation, we can say that it is the instrument which was brought to the Balkan territories from the Persian countries. Key words: Balkan, Macedonia, tradition, music, music instruments, zurla

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