Minerals of rocks

Milovanovic, Dragan and Boev, Blazo and Lepitkova, Sonja (2016) Minerals of rocks. Grafomed Bor, Belgrade, Serbia. ISBN 978-86-905531-3-6

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We live in technically oriented time with computers, internet and mobile phones all around us which leads to the fact that we have less and less time. Any information whether from science, technology, medicine, sport, politics, life etc. could be easily assessed at any time and at any place on the planet Earth. The same is with geology: volcanic eruptions, new minerals, ore exploitation, stock prices, etc. In spite of a numerous data concerning minerals, petrology, and geology is “disseminated” all over internet, the written word still have the key role in the education of youth. This was the reason for writing this publication, Minerals of rocks. It briefly presents and describes minerals, which take part in rock-forming processes, along with their physical and chemical properties, genesis and the most common associations. Photos included, are made by authors themselves or were "borrowed" from available websites. All of it was modified using graphic software and adjusted to the text to illustrate things better. Publication is meant for students of geology and mining, students of archeology, biology, geography, civil-engineering, architecture, ecology, etc. It will be of great value for studying minerals and rocks either when they take part in different geological, physico-chemical, biological and ecological processes, or when they are used for building, producing, living, for shelter and protection of mankind`s diverse items since the very first days of their existence. Publication requires at least a basic knowledge of mineralogy, as a number of data, such as symmetry of crystals, structural and optical properties and systematic of minerals, are shortly-given. Otherwise, this publication would be incomprehensible. A significant positive impact on the content, volume and a way of presentation had the questions and discussions of students during lectures and exercises from mineralogical, petrological and geological subjects along with directions that arose either during student`s seminar, final, and diploma works or master and doctor thesis. Neither less important were official and unendorsed discussions with our colleagues and scientists of other branches. No similar publication appeared or has been published prior to this. The author hope that it will be helpful for students, explorers, for adornments of minerals, rocks, geology and other earth sciences, i.e. for all whose study, exploration, job, and inspiration encompasses even a bit of rock-forming minerals. My deepest appreciation and thanks to Vidojko Jović, Ljiljana Karanović, Nebojša Vasić, Rade Jelenković and Nataša Gerzina whose valuable advice and help contributed to the quality and accuracy of this publication.

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