Insights into the chemistry and functions of Coenzyme Q

Gulaboski, Rubin and Mirceski, Valentin and Bogeski, Ivan and Kokoskarova, Pavlinka and Mitrev, Sasa and Kappl, Reinhard and Janeva, Milkica and Hoth, Markus (2015) Insights into the chemistry and functions of Coenzyme Q. .

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Coenzyme Q is one of the crucial compounds in the Mitochondrial Electron transport chain, embedded in the inner mitochondrial membrane. It mediates the electron transfer between the complexes I, II and III, while also transferring protons across the membrane. We show that under the influence of NaOH or CytP450, structural changes can be induced in all Coenzyme Q members, while hydroxy derivative having metal binding and antioxidative activities are created. These findings imply possible changes in the oxidative phosphorilation pathway.

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Subjects: Medical and Health Sciences > Basic medicine
Divisions: Faculty of Medical Science
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Date Deposited: 07 Dec 2015 10:13
Last Modified: 07 Dec 2015 10:13

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