Recommendations of antibiotic treatment in paediatric dentistry

Georgiev, Zlatko and Kovacevska, Ivona and Dimova, Cena and Sotirovska-Ivkovska, Ana and Zabokova-Bilbilova, Efka (2015) Recommendations of antibiotic treatment in paediatric dentistry. Science & Technologies, V (1). pp. 427-430. ISSN 1314-4111


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The child has series of differential characteristics and this facilitate faster diffusion of oral infection: the greater proportion of water in the tissues, and their increased bone sponginess. Odontogenic infections usually are mixed, with multiple organisms, anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, with different characteristics. Pediatric patients with aggressive periodontal diseases may require antimicrobial therapy in conjunction with local treatment, if is present signs of systemic involvement (fever, asymmetry and facial swelling, regional lymphadenitis), with the use of mechanical debridement. Amoxicillin is the first choice antibiotic, especially amoxicillin. Alternative antibiotic for use in penicillin-allergic patient is erythromycin. Penicillin has been substituted by other antibiotics - clindamycin, the newer macrolides: clarithromycin and azithromycin, and cephalosporin: cephalexin and cefadroxil. Metronidazole is useful only against anaerobic bacteria, and should be reserved for situations in which only anaerobic bacteria are suspected. Contrary to healthy children, factors related to host risk: systemic illness, malnutrition and immunosuppressed patients must be evaluated when determining the risk for infection, and need antibiotics even if infection is only suspected. In light of the growing problem of drug resistance, the clinician should consider altering or discontinuing antibiotics following determination of either ineffectiveness or cure prior to completion of a full course of therapy. For reaching optimal therapeutic concentration, especially in the bone infections, our reason is: do not duplicate optimal dozes, but do elongated the time of antibiotic treatment, minimum 7 days, and maximum 14 days.

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