Biodiversity Assessment of location at the Skopje valley and the environmental impact

Koleva Gudeva, Liljana (2011) Biodiversity Assessment of location at the Skopje valley and the environmental impact. [Project]

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The richness of ecosystem types, types of habitats, communities and species placed Republic of Macedonia on the top of the list of countries with relevant Biodiversity in Europe (Hotspot). The main strategic goal of the country is the establishment of the state quality environmental protection in general and providing and improving the quality of life. Within this objective the protection of biological diversity is involved as well as its sustainable use. These conventions are part of national legislation and a legal basis for protection of biological diversity. According to the scientific research, it is concluded that in the Republic of Macedonia was formed more ecosystem types into seven groups: water, coastal, grassland, hills, steppes, forest and mountain ecosystems of which key elements are: water, dry grassland, and forest and mountain ecosystems. In terms of vegetation territory is divided into eight zones: 1. Area forests of kermes oak 2. Area forests of downy oak 3. Area forests of turkey oak 4. Area forests of sessile oak 5. Area of beech forest zone 6. Area mountain beech forest, 7. Area of subalpine forests, 8 Area alpine grassland.In the Republic of Macedonia there is a legally regulated procedure for protection of locations of natural values that are categorized into 6 categories of protected natural heritage. Also there are formed CORINE biotopes with 77 corine sites and National Emerald Network of the Republic of Macedonia with 35 Emerald sites and 11 protected areas, included in the Macedonian green belt as part of the Balkan Green Belt. This National Emerald Network RM covers Emerald 35 sites covering an area of 752,223 ha or 29% of its territory. The location which is subject of this study project is located east at the Skopje valley, 17 km southeast of the capital of Republic of Macedonia, Skopje directly next to the Alexander the Great Airport Skopje at the municipality Ilinden. The coordinates of the location are at latitude of 41º 57'40''N and longitudes of 21º37''37, E. The highest place of location is 256.80 meters altitude and 243.02 meters altitude. The aim of the project is a biodiversity assessment of the project location.

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