Four victories: The Macedonian case

Ananiev, Jovan (2013) Four victories: The Macedonian case. In: Why and How We Won. International Republican Institute, Bratislava, pp. 71-85.

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Political parties have been the most powerful policy-making actor – both on national and local levels of the Macedonian society – from the moment of inception of the multiparty system until today. The citizens are aware that the party agenda is the only agenda that would be possible to be implemented. Therefore, the ability to influence agenda of parties indirectly would also mean an opportunity to influence politics. The results from survey research show that the majority of citizens in Macedonia share what would be conventionally called “leftist values.” Namely, as much as around 70 percents of respondents favor diminishing social differences and the state provision of public services (even if that requires higher taxes), that the social security of the citizens is to be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the state (and that citizens should not take even partial responsibility for it), the fact that state-provided health and educational services should have better quality than the private ones, and that the socialism as a system took care of all people and that system was not repressive. By the same token, they disapprove the freedom of owners of enterprises to make exclusive decisions about the development of the companies – they practically call for a co-decision system. And regarding the distribution of these opinions among the voters for the left and right parties, there is hardly any difference. Only in relation to two questions – out of eleven –respondents showed positions closer to the right: private companies are more successful and the bankrupt companies should not be by rehabilitated by the state but by themselves).

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