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Participation and Anti-Discrimination Based Local Strategic Documents – Case of Macedonian Municipalities

Jovan Ananiev, Zaneta Poposka


This paper analyzes the process of preparation and implementation of strategic documents in Macedonian municipalities in terms of public participation and respect of the principle of anti-discrimination. These two principles underpin greater transparency and democracy in municipalities and greater efficiency of developed local policies. The paper builds up on the empirical research where more than 30 municipal strategic documents in ten municipalities. Results indicate that vast majority of analyzed documents were prepared, monitored and evaluated without public participation. In addition, the principle of anti-discrimination was not incorporated in the documents and individual target groups susceptible to discrimination were not mainstreamed. Possible recommendations are discussed, and implications for future engagement of municipalities are outlined.


participation, anti-discrimination, local self-government, local strategic documents, local policy making, Republic of Macedonia

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