Defining the sliding plane in micro plan on rocky massif using geoelectrical method

Popovski, Risto and Panov, Zoran and Karanakova Stefanovska, Radmila and Doneva, Blagica (2014) Defining the sliding plane in micro plan on rocky massif using geoelectrical method. VI International Geomechanics Conference. pp. 197-203. ISSN 1314-6467


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The paper presents data from geoelectrical measurements of micro locations where there is a sliding rock mass. These studies have been conducted on location mountain Plackovica in the Eastern Macedonian zone. The observations were performed with an interval of two years. Method geoelectrical sounding was conducted. Measurements are performed multiple times on the same profile, in order to define the sliding plane, depending on the weather. From the data obtained from geoelectrical sounding it can be concluded that the specific electrical resistance of the rock masses decreases at a time of increased amount of rainfall. During dry periods of the year occur relatively high values of the specific resistance, especially in the surface layer. This phenomenon is normal to expect. The analysis of the specific electrical resistance in the investigated profile clearly indicates that the plane of the sliding rock masses characterized by reduced specific resistance in relation to the surrounding rock mass, especially in extremely wet weather. In these conditions comes to the intense activation of the process of sliding rock masses. The results obtained are consistent with the basic theoretical assumptions, i.e. the zone with increased amounts of water has a lower value of the intensity of the specific electrical resistance, although it is the same type of geological environment. The results of these studies indicate that geoelectrical methods can provide useful information when investigating the sliding plane in rock mass.

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