Folklore Institute Marko Cepenkov - Skopje, Museum of Musical Instruments

Angelov, Goranco (2014) Folklore Institute Marko Cepenkov - Skopje, Museum of Musical Instruments. In: Proceedings of The Museum of History - Shumen. Regional Museum of History - Shumen, pp. 255-263. ISBN 0861-9581


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Museums as one of the key institutions for the preservation of material cultural heritage, conservationists are kind of what is produced in the past, creating the present and preserve from oblivion elements that were key to the survival of a nation. The institutions dealing with research and conservation of all that made our ancestors, have an obligation, to protect the find and the future generations to bring the cultural heritage of their ancestors built and transmitted across generations, from generation to generation. Their mission to explore music work, vocal and instrumental music tradition, are kind musical archaeologists that during their research experience a variety of musical instruments that served or are still serving the people in certain regions. Bearing in mind that these folk musical instruments in the past were made exclusively by hand with primitive tools, for us they are unique ethnological heritage. Musical instruments and tools that were made, should be collected and preserved in institutes dealing with research on musical instruments and exhibit in museums or in the Institute, which will become available to the general public. In our paper will encompass musical instruments owned by the Institute of folklore 'Marko Cepenkov' in Skopje which was collected by researchers from the Institute. Through the given photos and details of their origin, method of producing the tone and if the maker of the instrument is known, when it is produced, by the publication of this paper will give some contribution to the promotion of musical instruments collected over a longer time interval, the establishment of the institute until today.

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