Macedonian identity in the First World War

Filov, Kire (2014) Macedonian identity in the First World War. In: Међународна конференција "Архив, медији и култура сећања у Првом светском рату", 29-30 Oct 2014, Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia.

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The so-called “Macedonian question” in Balkan scientific and political circles is mentioned since the time of the Ottoman Empire. Macedonian question is actually a question about the identity of the Macedonian people. During the Balkan wars, Macedonia and Macedonians were used as an excuse before the great powers, as liberation of "brotherly Christian people", but Macedonia actually got new owners, this time in the face of their "brotherly Christian" neighbors. After the Balkan wars, Macedonia was divided between allied Balkan states, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and a small part went to newly formed Albania. Aegean Macedonia, the largest part of Macedonia, went to Greece, Pirin Macedonia to Bulgaria, and Vardar Macedonia to Serbia. After the treaty in Bucharest, each of them (Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia), started mass assimilation of Macedonian people. Macedonian emigration and some foreign politicians and diplomats started a campaign to resolve the Macedonian question, and this means Macedonian independent state, free and independent Macedonian people. Some of foreign diplomats saw the mistake that they made in Bucharest. Macedonian colony in St. Petersburg was vociferously in favor of the proper resolution of the Macedonian question. They sent a Memorandum to the Russian government, to the governments of Balkan states… The foreign diplomat, René Picard, claimed that “The autonomy of Macedonia exists; there was and always will be Macedonia and Macedonian spirit..."

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