The Legal aspects and Institutional Framework of Mediation in Republic of Macedonia

Majhosev, Andon and Zivkova, Sanja and Misheva, Angela and Majhosev, Darko (2014) The Legal aspects and Institutional Framework of Mediation in Republic of Macedonia. Journal of Process Management - New Technologies, 2 (4). pp. 119-127. ISSN 2334-735X

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Mediation as an alternative dispute resolution enables faster, more efficient and less costly resolution of disputes in relation to the proceedings. Its operation is based on the following principles: voluntary, equality of the parties, neutrality of the mediator, exclusion of the public, efficiency of the procedure, confidentiality of information, fairness. In Macedonia the mediation as an alternative dispute resolution was introduced by the Law on Mediation in 2006. However, besides this law, the resolution of disputes by mediation is regulated by other special laws such as the Family Law Act, Consumer Law, the Juvenile Justice, Law for the peaceful resolution of labor disputes, etc.. For effective functioning of the mediation, except legal regulation of mediation, and established appropriate institutional framework is an important link for a successful mediation. The institutional framework of mediation includes: Ministry of Justice - Sector for Mediation, Board for Mediation, the Mediators Chamber of Macedonia and mediator. All the above institutions have proper function in the system of mediation and their jurisdiction is governed normative-legal. The legal and institutional framework actually consists of mediation system in the country and represent a whole. Key words: Law on mediation, Board for mediation, the Mediators Chamber of Republic of Macedonia, mediator

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