Информирана согласност - превод на македонски

Kukubajska, Marija Emilija (2014) Информирана согласност - превод на македонски. Unesco Chair. ISBN 965-7077-22-2

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Bioethics, as part of other global agendas, has been involved in new multi-professional interpretations and legislations of the one world order planning. One of its major goals is to uniform multicultural traditional differences, claiming they serve the common benefit. This goal engages wider number of enthused cultures and individuals that assume the role of agents for change aimed at canceling religious and cultural disagreements related to norms of what is right, proper or just. Some entities evaluate bioethical norms with skepticism, as exemplified in this manual. Some cultures and religions today still defend their inherited, and for them sustainable bioethical norms. These differences result in conflicts of bioethical interpretations and practices. New bioethics standards attempt to engage in erasing those conflicts. This manual of medical-legal freedom of ethical choice contains 30 case reports and statements for, or against proposed solutions for conflicting interests and complex decision making. Throughout centuries ethics resulted from the needs for normative and regulated behavior within the human freedom and rights, which in itself is contradictory in its relativism. Therefore, being individually and institutionally informed on bioethical dilemmas is presented as crucial in this publication. Special gratitude to Marija Emilija Kukubajska, PhD, for her excellent translation of this UNESCO manual edited by Prof. Amnon Carmi, and published into Macedonian language.

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