The impact of mobile technologies on e-banking

Davcev, Ljupco and Fotov, Risto and Marjanova Jovanov, Tamara and Sofijanova, Elenica (2014) The impact of mobile technologies on e-banking. International Journal "Knowledge", 4 (5). pp. 256-261. ISSN 978-608-65653-8-1


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The banking sector occupies an important place in the global economy. This sector is influenced by many external and internal forces. In terms of external forces, technological change is likely to have the greatest importance in this sector. Technologies, especially the Internet, is a fundamental driver of these changes. Concerning this,computer systems remained largely centralized and it is due to the nature of the business and higher level of security services.This somewhat helped banks to automate key business processes by integrating their systems. Systems integration is essential for delivering the same information in all channels of distribution, as is e -banking, telephone banking, bankbranch etc. Despite significant successes in the implementation of e-banking globally, many technological challenges remain unutilized by the banks. Some banks make significant investments in mobile systems to implement a range of types of business value by increasing efficiency and reducing costs, to improve operational efficiency and customer service to provide competitive advantage. A factor that contributed to this developmentis the continued availability of infrastructure and capacity of mobile communications around the world. The number of types of mobile devices are increasing rapidly and their functionality is improved. Reduced costs for data transferas a result of intense competition from suppliers, as well as reduced costs for devices have great impact distribution of mobile technologies and strong growth of the global mobilemarket. In those countries, however, where traditional telecommunication infrastructures are not well developed, mobile technologies transform the accessibility of Internet-based services.

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